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Desde 2008 trabalhando como fotógrafo profissional, filmmaker e criação de conteúdos para mídias.

Atualmente morando em Dublin, Irlanda. Atuando em diversos seguimentos de fotografia, filmagem, aérea e edição. Atendendo aos clientes mais exigentes com qualidade, compromisso e agilidade. 


I have 15 years of experience as a photographer, and I have been involved in filming and video editing for the past six years.

My experience encompasses capturing, editing, retouching, and post-production work, as well as contributing to the preparation of marketing campaigns.

I have worked on a wide range of projects, including album layouts, catalogs, folders, menus, and campaigns for social media, websites, and print. Additionally, I have experience as a digital and graphic designer.

My expertise includes advanced knowledge of lighting and studio flash settings.

I have also developed and managed campaigns for Facebook ads, leveraging my knowledge of photography, filming, and social media to capture and create visually appealing content that drives engagement and sales.

I am passionate about combining my marketing and photography skills to create visually compelling campaigns that achieve business objectives. My expertise, creativity, and dedication to producing high-quality work make me a valuable asset to any marketing team.

I have experience photographing and filming small social events, personal and professional portraits, as well as large events, lectures, and trade shows, both in the studio and on location. Additionally, I have three years of experience in photography and aerial filming with a 4K drone, having completed projects for real estate and construction.



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Obrigado pelo envio!

Ranelagh - Dublin - Ireland 

Vinicius Murari



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